Maggie’s Spiritual Connections

Living a Spirit Centered life

May 16, 2018

What does it mean to live a spirit centered life? What would happen within your life if you looked at everything in connection to how your spirit is evolving? 

In this podcast we discuss life on planet Earth as an Earth school, religion vs spirituality, how to let go of old programming and choice a new path. 

This podcast was originally aired March 4, 2013.  We discuss the Pope stepping down, something that hadn’t happened for centuries, some reasons he may have made that choice, and then we look at this event from a higher level of understanding.

We discuss the belief of belonging to a religion and accepting the need to go through another person with a stronger connection to God in order enter the kingdom of heaven. How spirituality involves you building an intimate connection to God.  We are all connected equally to the loving akashic vibration of Source or God. 

We also share steps to let go of your old story, release the old tapes that play in your head and instead make a conscious choice to be your best each day and take it one day at a time as you make incremental changes towards attaining your life goals.