Wisdom from the Grace of God

October 3, 2018

Grace came to me when I was doing a weekly show with two other angel channels. We would have a subject each week and allow wisdom to flow to us. I always asked one of the Master Teachers come and some weeks I was surprised by the Master who came through.

Throughout this channel in another portion of my mind, I was asking who is this?  I was shown this is Grace of God. So I respected her desire to be called Grace and share this with you in hopes it will bring you peace.

Grace’s words and prayer inspire me each time I read them. You may also listen to the original podcast here.  

Grace speaks of the vibration of Source and our connection to each other. She shares some practical ways you can ground and center within the grace of God. Then she shares her prayer for love, grace, and ease.

Let us know what you experience listening to her words. We would love to hear from you.



Isis - Connect to your true being

September 10, 2018

This message from the Goddess Isis was the first one I channeled using my ability as a trance channel for Source. I had established a protocol to use for my radio show, Maggie’s Spiritual Connections, to help me reestablish my childhood ability to channel wisdom. In this protocol, I selected a divine being to come share their wisdom through me. Sometimes I had a specific issue or question, and at other times I just picked a name and asked them to share their wisdom.

I had picked the Goddess Isis because she had been identified as my soul name during a life between life regression. I knew my soul was trying to speak to me and I needed to understand why I felt an inner time clock was loudly going off. This is her response.



Excerpt From: Maggie Chula, “Open the Doorway to Your Soul”

Chapter: Isis – Connect to Your True Being 




Krisha - The Everyday Miracle of Life

July 30, 2018

On this podcast the Master Teacher Krishna came through to discuss finding blessings in everyday situations. Krishna is a Hindu God known as a messenger of joy, happiness, romantic love and spiritual teachings. He has requested a chance to help us understand we are blessed every day we open up our eyes and experience life on Earth. 

Excerpt From: Maggie Chula, “Open the Doorway to Your Soul” 

Chapter: Krishna - The Everyday Miracle of Life  




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St Germain - Attune to the Universal Grid

July 19, 2018

St. Germain is a Master Teacher for the Akasha. He was assigned the task of helping you learn how to dissolve and resolve old fears, limits, and thoughts. He will show you how you can transmute any situation and reframe the future to be in alignment with your soul's vision for your life.

He will also introduce you to the universal grid that surrounds Gaia, Mother Earth and help you learn how to use the universal grid and his beloved flame of transmutation to help you realign your conscious connection to your akashic vibration and ignite your Lightworker abilities.

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Excerpt From: Maggie Chula, “Open the Doorway to Your Soul”

Chapter: St.Germain - Become attuned to the Universal Grid



Happily Independent

July 3, 2018

On this important American holiday we will discuss ways that disempower you. Ways that keep you from bringing your best into the world. Then we will share ways you can break free from these barriers and illusion to reclaim the power of your source. So join us and help create a happy and healthy world that supports people of all shapes, sizes, colors, beliefs. A world that embraces your uniqueness and knows we are all important to the health of this world. 

We will also talk about Masterminding with Source. One of our founding fathers, Benjiman Franklin held a mastermind with his peers to form the United States of America. On this podcast I share with you wisdom from my mastermind sessions with source. 

The goals for my work with the Master Teachers of the Akasha is to empower you to celebrate your successes, inspire you to create new goals for your life, and help you embrace your unique connection to source. 




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Lord Melchizedek - Connecting through your Heart Energy

June 19, 2018

Lord Melchizedek is known to be a Canaanite Priest-King well versed in the rules of alchemy and sacred geometry. On this podcast Lord Melchizedek shared his wisdom on the Law of Attraction and how to create a life in alignment with your intended desires.

Before the start of this podcast, I was in deep dispair over one of the senseless shootings of young children that had taken place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. I felt his spirit come to me and share, his message would be healing, uplifting, and timely. I am glad I went ahead with the podcast. I love his calm, steady voice and his mesasge is still timely. 

He shares in this message the levels of the heart we heal within our soul healing work. I invite you to listen. If you would like to see the transcript this message was included in our book, Open the Doorway to Your Soul. It is also available on our free membership site, www.akashicvibration.com


With love we share this. We trust you will also feel your heart uplifted as you listen to his timeless message. 


Ganesh - Say yes to life!

June 12, 2018

Master Ganesh shares a message to help you stand up and say yes to life. He shares the Masters are here to shatter the illusion we need to go through others to speak to God. Plus he shares a vibrational healing meditation. 

Here is an excerpt from his message. 

The work, the words, the wisdom that have come from human teachers taught you, you need to go through others to hear these vibrational messages, to get in tune with the highest vibrational alignment of you. 

We are here to dispel that. That is not true. That is an illusion that has been brought to the light many times. 

This illusion is a way for the keepers of the illusion to maintain control and power. 

The ironic portion of that is the only way to have true power is through the power and vibration of the alignment of your own soul light. 


You will find the full transcript in our book, Open the Doorway to Your Soul or on our free membership area within AkashicVibration.com 


Kuthumi - Surrounded by the Light

June 5, 2018

The master teacher Kuthumi shares a healing message to help you understand you are a being of light, surrounded and protected by your vibrational connection to source. You have the ability to raise your vibration by learning how to control your connection to the light of source and share your light within the world.  

Kuthumi has also been known as Pythagoras and St. Francis of Assisi.

A transcript of this message is located within the free membership area on www.akashicvibration.com 


Buddha - Support for Your Constantly Changing Vibration

May 29, 2018

On this podcast the Master Teacher Buddha shared a message to help you understand as a vibrational being you are always changing. As you integrate new understanding in thought the changes ripple throughout all the layers and levels of your being.

He shares a guided healing designed to comfort you as you live life and share your best with the world each day. He shares practical ways to adjust during times of struggle and sorrow. 

His uplifting vibrational healing will help you push out the stale lower frequencies that no longer align with your highest and best, releasing them and sending them back to the source to be transformed into a pure state of love. 

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Master Buddha shares a guided healing designed to comfort you as you live life and share your best with the world each day. 


Apollo - Connect to the Light of Your Soul

May 22, 2018

On this podcast the Sun God Apollo shares a vibrational healing meditation. This meditation will help you release fears and bring the light into your heart as you increase the vibration of light within the many layers of your being.

He chose to come at this point in human evolution to help expand our conscious ability to connect to the wisdom of God, the heart of Gaia - Mother Earth, and bring more of our true soul vibration into this lifetime.