Maggie’s Spiritual Connections

Isis - Connect to your true being

September 10, 2018

This message from the Goddess Isis was the first one I channeled using my ability as a trance channel for Source. I had established a protocol to use for my radio show, Maggie’s Spiritual Connections, to help me reestablish my childhood ability to channel wisdom. In this protocol, I selected a divine being to come share their wisdom through me. Sometimes I had a specific issue or question, and at other times I just picked a name and asked them to share their wisdom.

I had picked the Goddess Isis because she had been identified as my soul name during a life between life regression. I knew my soul was trying to speak to me and I needed to understand why I felt an inner time clock was loudly going off. This is her response.



Excerpt From: Maggie Chula, “Open the Doorway to Your Soul”

Chapter: Isis – Connect to Your True Being