Maggie’s Spiritual Connections

Ganesh - Say yes to life!

June 12, 2018

Master Ganesh shares a message to help you stand up and say yes to life. He shares the Masters are here to shatter the illusion we need to go through others to speak to God. Plus he shares a vibrational healing meditation. 

Here is an excerpt from his message. 

The work, the words, the wisdom that have come from human teachers taught you, you need to go through others to hear these vibrational messages, to get in tune with the highest vibrational alignment of you. 

We are here to dispel that. That is not true. That is an illusion that has been brought to the light many times. 

This illusion is a way for the keepers of the illusion to maintain control and power. 

The ironic portion of that is the only way to have true power is through the power and vibration of the alignment of your own soul light. 


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