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Wisdom from the Grace of God

Wisdom from the Grace of God

October 3, 2018

Grace came to me when I was doing a weekly show with two other angel channels. We would have a subject each week and allow wisdom to flow to us. I always asked one of the Master Teachers come and some weeks I was surprised by the Master who came through.

Throughout this channel in another portion of my mind, I was asking who is this?  I was shown this is Grace of God. So I respected her desire to be called Grace and share this with you in hopes it will bring you peace.

Grace’s words and prayer inspire me each time I read them. You may also listen to the original podcast here.  

Grace speaks of the vibration of Source and our connection to each other. She shares some practical ways you can ground and center within the grace of God. Then she shares her prayer for love, grace, and ease.

Let us know what you experience listening to her words. We would love to hear from you.